Outdoors and Unplugged: Behind the Lens

Outdoors and Unplugged: Behind the Lens

I am just returning home from a spring time stroll down a local foot-trail feeling both energized and positive.  When I set out on my little endeavor, a couple of hours ago, I did it solely to stretch my legs. Then I quickly realized the walk was much more than a physical endeavor, it was a much needed, therapeutic boost to my state of mind. Over the last week I have learned to embrace the fact that this year’s start of Spring is not the typical, much-anticipated season of rebirth. Normally, people would be outside enjoying parks, but now we are inside practicing  social distancing. Local businesses would typically be running their spring promotions, instead these non-essential businesses are closed. We can’t escape the  continued barrage of news stories, many of which are peddling gloom and doom versus facts, it is easy to begin feeling trapped in your own home. But now I realize there is an obvious remedy…the great outdoors!  And despite our new health awareness responsibilities and rules, getting outdoors is still allowed and there is no better therapy for the “stay at home blues” than being outdoors, especially outdoors in Maine!

Being outside in this season’s crisp, fresh air immediately stimulates your senses and bolsters the feeling of freedom. Coupled with Maine’s majestic scenery, combining mountains, rocky coastlines and dense forestry not only infuses your senses, it inspires a new, fresh perspective of the future.

Both natural and man-made scenery are available for your enjoyment.  Lighthouse discoveries, wildlife watching, rocky coastlines strolls with both pounding swells and the gentle, soothing, rolling waves can entertain and mesmerize any person of any age.  Maine’s natural beauty beckons the artist in all of us.  Photographers, painters and artisans of all medium flock to Maine yearly in hopes of capturing its beauty and majesty.

When life as we knew it returns and a sense of normalcy is restored, and it will be back soon, all these enjoyable, beneficial and life enriching activities will be available to us as they always have been.  Both singles and families alike, will be grabbing a camera, packing a lunch, jumping in the ol’ family buggy and heading to the beach for a stroll or to a state park for a hike.

At Portfire, we want to share these experiences with our corporate groups too. After a long meeting in a hotel ballroom, guests will be craving that similar need for some fresh air and coastal breeze. We have outdoor and activities for every activity level and guests don’t need to travel far from the hotel. We will lead them on a Steadman’s Stroll, amble around on Marginal Way, paddle the local river, or simply enjoy a brew while birding or a photography tour!

I must admit, I feel I am so lucky and proud to be in an industry that can make these treasures available to visitors to New England while they are attending meetings, conferences and conventions and which may not otherwise have an opportunity to experience.

So we encourage you, if you can do so safely, get outside, grab a camera and capture the beauty of your surroundings! I was lucky enough to capture these shots, and we would love to see yours!